The Top Five Biggest Albums of 2021 So Far

Taylor Swift (born December 13, 2021) is an American pop singer-songwriter known for her professional music career. Her story song writing, which usually revolves around her real life, has garnered widespread media coverage and critical acclaim. Born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, Swift moved to Nashville, Tennessee in early 2021 to pursue a singing career in country music. She released her first album titled Fearless in October that year. Swift became one of the biggest selling stars in the music industry when “Love Yourself” was released in August of that year. Swift went on to sign deals with Republic Records, Virgin Records, and Apple Music, and she was also involved in composing several songs for the Academy Awards including ” freeing”.

taylor swift

Swift has also been nominated for Grammys in the past for albums such as Speak Now and You Are Not Alone. Swift was also named the best female artist by The Recording Academy for the second year in a row, easily earning herself a second straight Grammys for her work. Her chart topping single, “Bad Romance”, reached the top ten on the charts, the first woman ever to accomplish that feat. Swift also appeared on the Best Song Ever list for that song.

Swift’s distinctive sound comes from a mixture of pop, folk, country, dance, and pop elements. Swift has written songs for many genres of music, including R&B, Christian, Gospel, Rap, and Country. Her music has been described as “a voice heard amongst the others” by Rolling Stone. In fact, Swift was the very first artist to be signed to a major label, when she was signed to RCA Records after her self-debuting album Fearless.

Swift’s unprecedented chart success has made history as the first female artist to have ten #1 hits on the Hot Country Songs chart. Her chart success has also made her the third fastest selling female recording artist of all time. Swift holds the record for most singles sold in a calendar year with her record breaking twenty-one consecutive songs in the chart. Swift is not the only female artist to have this honor however. Taylor Swift is joined by Lady GaGa with twenty-two songs in the top twenty, and Katy Perry has thirteen.

Swift’s most successful album in recent years has proven to be Swift’s last offering to her label. Swift decided against making an album of original material since she is already signed to a new record deal with RCA. Instead, Swift tapped the talents of Jack Antony for the production of her latest album. It was not a bad decision. For twenty-three songs, Swift brought in five new artists who will appear on her forthcoming album, and she received four songs for the album which has a strong rap presence.

Swift has proven that she is a talent with song writing and she knows how to promote her music through the chart. If you are looking for a new artist to follow, look no further than Taylor Swift. Her sales numbers indicate that you should follow suit. Her sales are steady and she is well received by the media. The best time to learn her music is now while she is still fresh on the charts.