About the NBA

Basketball is basically a team game where two teams, usually of five competing each, against each other on a flat rectangular room, with the main objective of shooting an object ball through the hoop of the other team while preventing your opponent from shooting through that hoop. There are many different types of basketball and you may be surprised when you learn just how diverse they really are. The basketball that is played around the US and other parts of the world is what is known as “the American League” or “American Professional Basketball League.” The other kind of basketball is the National Basketball League or NBA wherein international players are invited to play. Each league has its own rules and regulation and it’s a game that’s played for fun and also for business.

Basketball has been the number one sport in many countries and it is also widely known as the “Americanized” version of the sport as evidenced by the jerseys of numerous NBA players, the basketball rings worn by many basketball stars and the format of the game played in various American and international arenas. This basketball’s origins however can be traced all the way back to the Ancient Olympics which were actually the first organized athletic competition in the recorded history of the human race. Basketball was initially used as a way for the athletes of the time to train in order to get stronger and to improve their overall body strength. The sport itself became popular among the common people though and today there is a whole industry devoted to basketball dedicated to bringing people into the arena for some high-flying action. A good example is the NBA where aspiring players can join and even make a living by playing the game and sharing their expertise with others.

Basketball has evolved from being a simple game played between friends to a more competitive game played by hundreds of thousands of players. Today, basketball is commonly played as a hobby by people who don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym or the basketball court in the evening because they work and play other jobs during the day. Many people in this world find the game entertaining because it allows them to socialize with friends and family members and rivals from their neighborhood or across town. As a result, today the NBA and other competitive leagues have put a lot of money into making the game as competitive and as well-known as possible. The result is that today the game of basketball has grown to the extent that even non-professional basketball players are now known to play this sport.

A typical game of basketball would have three quarters of regulation time followed by another three quarters of overtime. For the purpose of scoring points the basketball team would take turns being on offense and defense. There are two phases to a game of basketball, the playing phase which is the regular play and the strategic phase which consists of the pre-game/post-game practices and strategic practices that are meant to hone the skills of the players and help them build on their basketball skills. During the regular play, the game would last for about ten minutes per quarter, four quarters total.

In the NBA where there is only a single ball with two goal posts in each zone, the game would last for about five minutes per quarter. The second quarter would comprise of a minimum of four possessions, four minutes of time and four points. Each possession begins with an offensive foul against the basketball team by one of the players on the basketball team. The team on the defensive end must then try to steal the ball from the other team. A basketball team must foul before the other team has the chance to take their shot.

The basketball foul rules vary among the different leagues. A typical NBA game has three periods of action, with the break between each period being about three minutes. The playing period starts when the clock strikes zero and lasts until the team playing in front of the other team is foul-taken. The foul-taken team then takes their normal fouls before the other team has the chance to take their shot. When playing against other professional basketball teams, the opposing teams are allowed to have two alternates players before the ball is snapped back to the basketball setup after three minutes.