The Rules of Basketball


A player in basketball has a variety of ways to advance the ball. He can dribble the ball while walking or passing it to a teammate. He may use a variety of shots on offense, steal the ball from another player or defender, block or rebound a shot. Infractions include lifting the pivot foot without dribbling the ball, holding the ball with both hands, and traveling without dribbling the basketball.

In 1936, basketball became an Olympic sport. In 1976, women’s basketball was introduced. Until 1972, the USA dominated the international game, winning every title until the Soviet Union beat them in the 1976 Winter Olympics. The United States has dominated men’s basketball, winning every title but three. Its “Dream Team” is widely regarded as the best ever. To learn more about basketball, check out the World Cup. This annual tournament is held in several cities around the world.

The basketball rules include several time restrictions. Players are allowed only 10 seconds to move into the opponent’s half before losing possession of the ball. When a player crosses the midline, he cannot go back to his own half, and he must pass the ball to another team before he can advance the ball to his own side. The player who is being closely guarded can’t have the ball longer than five seconds. A violation of the shot clock occurs when a defensive player touches or blocks the ball’s downward trajectory. This is called a goaltending violation.

A player who commits five fouls is out for the remainder of the game. His team gets one free throw if the player scores a basket. This is a three-point play. A player who gets four fouls in a row will receive two free throws. Free throws vary depending on the league. After four quarters, the team with more points wins the game. If the teams are tied at the end of regulation, they play a five-minute overtime. This can go on until one team scores more points than the other.

The game of basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The game was initially played at the International Young Men’s Christian Association in Springfield. Then, in 1936, the sport became a medal event and is now a permanent fixture of the Olympics. Women’s basketball made its Olympic debut in 1976. In addition to the rules, the sport has evolved over the years. The game is now popular in many countries.

A game of basketball involves a referee, the “head” referee of a game. The referee has all the duties of umpires, including calling fouls. He also throws the ball at tip-off at the start of a match. Another role in a basketball game is the timekeeper. The timekeeper keeps track of the number of minutes, and informs the referees when the time for each quarter has expired.