The Basics of Football


Football is a team sport that requires players to run or pass the ball to score points. The team with possession is called the offensive team and the other team the defensive team. Each team has eleven players on its roster. In addition, the field is 60 yards wide and 100 yards long. When a play is over, a player runs out of bounds and the clock stops. After a penalty is called, the clock starts again.

A football team has four opportunities to move the ball 10 yards, otherwise it is turned over to the defensive team. If a play goes over, the offense can try to advance the ball down the field, or kick it in the end zone. Usually, an extra point is kicked or a touchdown is scored. On a fourth down, the team can also attempt to kick the ball or kick a field goal.

On a passing play, the offensive team may be sacked by the defense before it is able to throw the ball. This results in a safety. At the same time, the defensive team is awarded two points. For this reason, a lot of defensive plays involve the tackling of the QB and the defense.

The offensive team has 40 seconds to snap the ball. However, if the ball is not snapped, the offensive team will be penalized. During this time, the other team is given the option of punting or running the ball back down the field.

After the offensive team has passed 10 yards, it has the option of kicking a field goal. Typically, the goal post will be at the back of the end zone. Depending on the placement of the opponent’s goalposts, the field goal may be scored anywhere on the pitch.

The play ends when the QB runs out of bounds or if a player is tackled by the other team. In order to avoid this, the defensive team is given the option of forcing the offense to give up the ball.

During a passing play, the quarterback can hand off the ball to a running back, or he can throw it to a receiver. Occasionally, the offense will be able to score a touchdown, where the ball is carried or caught in the end zone. It is possible to score on a running or throwing play, but if the offensive team fails to gain more than 10 yards within the first four downs, it will be forced to give up the ball.

Unlike other sports, football is an impact game. As a result, it can be very painful for joints. Nevertheless, playing football increases endurance. Moreover, it reduces the risk of chronic illness and injuries.

Modern football codes appear to have originated in western Europe. They were codified by public school students and teachers to enable matches between schools. FIFA is a global authority on the sport, and its members include more than 200 nations. Throughout the 21st century, the NFL has sought to ensure fairness by implementing instant replay.