A Look At Taylor Swift’s Career So Far

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A Look At Taylor Swift’s Career So Far

Taylor Swift is an American pop star. Her story songwriting, which has garnered widespread critical acclaim and numerous media coverage, has also received wide media attention. She has become the latest female artiste to top the charts in the U.S. with her self-chart topping album, Swift – Red.

Swift’s fame came about through the singles “kshake, Shake, Know,” “Chilly Boy,” and “Bad Blood.” Her music career was begun during the age of teenage pop stardom with her first major label release, Speak Now. Swift has also signed several major deals throughout her career, including deals with RCA, McDonald’s, Sony, and Interscope Records. She has won several awards for her music, including Grammies and Record Awards.

Swift began her career as a member of the indie band The Red Hot Chili Peppers. After leaving the group, she went on to showcase her talent independently through such diverse projects as the self-recorded Big Taylor and her self-produced We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. A year later, she went on to star as herself in the successful film The Social Network. Swift currently tours with the band. She also has a number of joint ventures with the band, most notably as a co-host on the song “Shake It Off.”

Swift has repeatedly expressed her desire to be a pop artist. In an interview with GQ magazine, she said that she would like to tackle singing contests like the Olympics. Swift additionally has expressed admiration for singers such as Beyonce Knowles and Katy Perry. Though she has never confirmed this, it seems more than possible that she has been studying the styles and sounds of pop icons such as Perry and Swift. Though her musical tastes have grown, Swift has remained true to her roots as a songwriter and artist.

Swift is no stranger to controversy. In 2021, she exploded following the Teen Choice Awards, when she criticized the response of some audience members to her winning a top award. Swift later clarified her comments by saying that those that criticized her were only using her as a “useful idiot” to make themselves feel better. Swift recently created a video series in which she resolves different flare-ups throughout her life. The videos are remarkable in that they show Swift at the height of her fame, as well as at various other times throughout her career.

Swift’s next album will be titled Taylor Swift: New Edition. The CD will feature tracks from all of her previous albums, as well as some new ones. It will arrive in stores in June of 2021.