Basketball As a Popular Sports Competition

Basketball is one of the most popular sports nowadays. It is the only contact sport that millions of people around the world can enjoy without any restriction. To play basketball, you need to have the physical strength as well as the mental strength to play this game well. In addition to that, you also need to have the right mentality to play this game and make it your career.


Basketball is primarily a team sport where two teams, usually of five individuals each, against the other on a flat rectangular field, battle for the objective of knocking down a basketball with the sole aim of shooting the ball through the hoop of the other team. The game can be played both individually as well as alongside another person on either the offensive or the defensive team. Most basketball games are played at the local level. However, professional basketball is played in international competitions with the best players from all over the world.

The primary aim of the basketball player is to shoot the ball through the hoop. The shot is normally assisted by the other team members who pass or dribble the ball to the shooter. In addition to that, the ball is generally passed to a shooting guard who is positioned at one side of the court. The goal of the shooting guard is to either block the basket or score the basket by making a basket of his own.

In most professional leagues, the position of the shooting guard is not allowed to take the place of a basketball. The basketballers are known as the forwards who take the responsibility of scoring the basket. A typical professional basketball game usually has four players on the court with two on the front line and two playing the bench. The rest of the players play in the two corners of the court.

Most basketballs that you see used in the basketball games are referred to as basketballs. There are many types of basketballs available in the market, but the most popular basketballs are the three point basketballs. These basketballs are widely used because of their maximum range of six feet ten inches. It is the most common type of basketball and it was first introduced in the US during the early 1960’s. During this period, the three point basketballs were initially used by basketball teams as the replacement for the normal two-point basketballs. The three point basketballs are usually made of acrylic or graphite and they are very light.

Basketball has been a popular sports competition since ancient times and is still being played today in numerous championship matches. This sport can be played either individually or between two teams. Many people play basketball professionally and this is the reason why many clubs have been set up across the United States. The game of basketball not only provides fun and excitement to the players but also helps to build the spirit and character of the team sport.