The History Of Basketball

Basketball is an extremely popular sport where many people from all ages, from kids to adults, play it. Basketball involves two teams, typically of five players each, against each other on a rectangular grid court, with the objective of scoring the winning basket through the net. The sport has gained popularity in many countries worldwide and can be found in almost every single arena where people gather to watch sport. The sport has an interesting history and the following are some interesting facts about basketball and its history.


Basketball is the oldest sport that we know of, having been in existence since before recorded history. Dating back to at least 6000 years, the game of basketball can be seen in its earliest form in the form of sandboarding. A game of basketball was first played as a method of entertainment among the locals in China. In this game two or more men would stand around a small board placed in the center of a sand room. The object of the game was to shoot the ball into the hole on the side of the board using only the feet.

Basketball evolved into a more organized game when it was introduced to the United States and European countries during the late 1800s. With the development of rules, basketball became a more serious sport with the addition of a shooting element. The rules of basketball began with a shooter at the top of the court, who then had to return to the middle to pass the ball to one of his teammates who had been designated as the shooting team. This shooter was known as a “PG” and was assisted by one or more free throw specialists.

International basketball tournaments were first held in America during the late nineteenth century. A tournament known as the International Exhibition of Basketball was attended by thousands of competitors who came from all over Europe and Asia. In these exhibitions the rules and format for the game were first drawn up by a committee of professionals and the rules committee. A second International Exhibition, also in America, was hosted by the American Sports Writers Association. This second exhibition also featured teams from all over Europe and Asia, but this time the proceedings were videotaped for possible replay.

Professional basketball is now an established sport in North America, Canada and the United States. Professional basketballers are paid very well to play this sport. A typical pay scale for a professional basketball player includes a guaranteed contract, an expensive housing allowance, a car and expenses for traveling to and from home and practices and games. This kind of money and the advantages associated with basketball make it a very lucrative career.

Basketball is played by teams of two or more players. There are a maximum number of points that can be scored during a game. The game is normally played in a regular basketball court, although sometimes special courts may be used if there is a need to fill a specific space or if a particular stadium is being used. The score is given when the team that had the most total points at the end of the game wins. The game is usually finished when one team has reached its maximum number of points and the other team takes the rest of the games leading points into overtime.