The Basics of Football


Football started with no official rules, and variations of the game were played across Europe. One of the first recorded codes was an Italian version called mob football, which was played in 1580. Football was considered dangerous and unruly by the ruling classes of Europe, and many laws were passed to ban the game. In England, football was banned between 1324 and 1667, but these laws were difficult to enforce, and large crowds of players continued to play in unstructured chaos.

Players on the offensive side of the ball line up at the line of scrimmage, where they must be set and still. They may run parallel to the line of scrimmage, or they may hand off the football to another player. The offensive lineman must be strong and fast, and must be able to see the field and quickly cut to open spots on the defense. Running backs play a similar role, but must be fast and able to block when the game is on the move.

The offensive team can advance the ball in two ways: the quarterback can pass the ball to the running back player, who attempts to gain yards by evading the defense. On the other hand, the offensive player can also run with the ball. This strategy is known as intentional grounding. If an offensive player fails to reach the first down line before being tackled, the ball is returned to the opposing team. If the offense fails to score, the other team is able to take possession of it.

The offensive team is comprised of 11 players and tries to advance an ovoid ball to their opponent’s goal post. A pass over the 50-yard line puts the player into the opponent’s territory. There are two teams in football, each with eleven players. One team is on offense while the other plays defense. The two teams alternate in the offense and defense. The team that scores the most points wins the game. Otherwise, they will lose the possession of the ball.

In addition to scoring points, teams can try to score on a field goal. Kicking the football through a goal post or over the crossbar is considered a touchdown. The ball must pass between the uprights or crossbar of the goal post to score. The ball must not touch the end zone or sidelines. This is a difficult process for the opponents. A field goal is worth three points. So if your team tries to score a field goal, make sure the ball lands between the uprights and under the crossbar.

While there are many variations of football, there are some commonalities among the different subtypes. In the United States, for instance, football is played primarily by high school and college teams, and is associated with Thanksgiving and New Years’ Eve in the U.S. and Canada. Many amateur and semi-professional teams play in leagues. Players must hold a full-time job to earn enough money to play in the NFL. Throughout the world, football is also played by amateur teams.