The Basics of Basketball


Basketball is a sport played by two teams of twelve players, each on a court. The main objective of the game is to score points. Points are earned by shooting the basketball through the basket, which is situated in the opponents’ court. However, a player may also earn a point by making a free throw.

Basketball is played on a rectangular court, which can vary in size from 28.5 to 30 inches. Teams are divided into Defensive Guard, Offensive Forward and Center. Each team is allowed to have five players on the floor at a time. This number of players is increased if the team is playing with a full roster.

A player can use either hand to play. Basketballs range in weight from 18 to 22 ounces. Smaller basketballs are used for younger players. Players are allowed to pass the ball by rolling, throwing, or tapping the ball. During a game, a field goal is made, a three-point shot is taken, and a free throw is taken.

In the first few years of basketball, it was not established as a global sport. It was popular in Australia, China, France, India, and Japan. When it was introduced in America, it was primarily a college game. However, by the late 20th century, it had become a professional game. The NBA is credited with expanding the game internationally.

Today, basketball is a fast-paced game that requires players to have a high level of athleticism, a skill set, and strategies to make it work. As a result, the sport has grown in popularity. Besides being a great way to burn calories and have fun, it also offers health benefits.

Several rules have been put in place to ensure that the game is fair. For example, a player is not allowed to stay in the same key for more than three seconds without attempting a shot. If a player commits a violation, the game will be stopped. The referee will then award a technical foul. Also, the referee will count how many goals the team has scored.

Another rule is that the team cannot go back to their own half of the court if they cross the midline. To counter the advantage of taller players, NBA rules changed to limit the amount of time a player can remain in the key.

Lastly, the rules allow a team to substitute any of its five players at any time. Typically, the team with the most points wins the game.

Some of the common violations that occur in basketball are double dribbling, a 3-second paint violation, and traveling. All of these violations have the same outcome: the other team receives the ball and the players from both teams must exit the court.

Basketball has been a very popular sport in many countries throughout the world. Its popularity increased after World War II, when it became a professional game. Other countries, including Iran, Canada, and China, have also produced a number of basketball champions.