Taylor Swift’s Self-Titled Album Is A Big Machine

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Taylor Swift’s Self-Titled Album Is A Big Machine

Taylor Swift is a twenty-four-year-old American pop and acoustic/rock music singer-songwriter known for her hits such as Blank Space (2021), Shake It Off (2021), and Look What You Made Do (2021). Swift has sold millions of records in the United States and around the world. She began her musical career in 1998 with the single Blank Space. Since then, she has released four more successful albums.

Taylor Swift first came to fame through the song Shake It Off. This track was quickly became a top hit, which went on to be one of the biggest selling songs of all time. Since that time, Swift has also released other popular songs including Don’t Spend Your Life Beautiful (the album which achieved golden status), Fearless (which won four Grammies), and Blank Space (which Taylor Swift again helped to create). In addition to these major hit singles, Taylor Swift has also created several smaller hit songs including the wonderful songs We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and Speak Now. Each of these has been certified gold. Additionally, she has also produced several other country music songs over the years including I’m a Believer and Look at the Stars.

Taylor Swift’s best songs have always been about love and relationships. These include the memorable title track from her amazing album Fearless; the title song from the last album she released, and the smash hit song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. All of these songs have topped the charts. Swift has also tackled romantic topics on her songs including the duet she sings with her long-time friend and fellow country star, Lewis Hamilton. Swift wrote and sang the original lyrics to this song. She describes the relationship as a love triangle.

In addition to these major country and pop hits, Taylor Swift has also created some excellent boy/girl songs. Some of these are: I Know Someone Who Live in This World, Blank Space, and Speak Now. All three of these have topped the country, pop, and R&B charts. Swift also has produced several of her own songs, which have all been successful as well.

Perhaps no single song speaks to the difficulties many teenagers face when coming of age. One of these is the classic song, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Swift wrote this particular song when she was just sixteen years old. She relates the song to her own experience going through a divorce. Swift wrote the words to this track while she and the artist she was dating were getting married in Las Vegas. Swift says the marriage wasn’t working out and that they were simply parting ways.

Taylor Swift has certainly become quite the artist in recent years. Her self-titled album is a great testament to this fact. While many artists have struggled financially, Taylor Swift has emerged relatively unscathed. Her first album was not an instant success and was met with mixed reviews. However, Swift was undeterred and began work on her second album. The resulting songs from this record have all been huge hits and have made Taylor Swift one of the biggest stars in country music.