Look What You Made Me Do – December Concerts in PA

Taylor Swift is an American country and pop music singer-songwriter famous for her hit songs Everybody’s Fine in This World, Blank Space, and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Five of her six albums, including the 2021 release Look What You Made Me Do, which topped the charts. She earned several awards for her music including Album of the Year at the Grammies Awards. Swift also has several other solo and band hits as well.

taylor swift

Taylor Swift has used her own original recordings that have been licensed by other artists and publishers. Some of the songs on her first six albums have been used by other artists and are considered part of their music instead of Taylor Swift’s own compositions. For example, the songstress’ first single “Shake It Off” was inspired by the Beatles song “Relax”.

The music industry is taking full advantage of this situation and using it to promote Taylor Swift’s latest album, Fearless. Swift is not the first artist to be featured on a music label’s version of a song. Many other popular stars have done this with their singles including Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, and even Elvis Presley. This kind of collaboration is not common in the music industry and shows that Taylor Swift understands the power of licensing her own music master recordings.

As a result of Taylor Swift owning her own music master recordings, she can do whatever she wants with her material including performing them on her own shows, releasing them as compilations, and selling them on CD or via the internet. This summer, she will be performing at the Big Stage in Philadelphia, PA. If you live in or around that area, you can go and see what she will be performing tomorrow night at the Wells Fargo Center. If you are not able to attend that show, there will be other performances by other country music singers that night. As you can see, Taylor Swift is a true artist and country music fan.

If you are looking for other exciting entertainment in your area, you might want to consider the Lemonade Songwriters Association of Pennsylvania, which is scheduled to convene in April of this year. The association is dedicated to supporting talented songwriters of all ages in PA. I have never seen such a wonderful group of people before in my life. At the meeting, they will be featuring some of the wonderful artists that live and work in the northeast. I have yet to meet a musician who has as much talent as these guys.

One artist in particular that has agreed to perform with Taylor Swift this year is Derek And The Dominoes. They have been playing some of their albums. My favorite of course, is their version of We Are Here. It is a powerful song and would rock any crowd. You can look what you made me do with these awesome musicians during the December concerts in Harrisburg, PA.