Information About the Game

Association football, also called simply football, is an extremely popular team sport played between two equally-sized teams of eleven players. It is played by more than 250 million people in more than 200 countries and dependencies worldwide, making it the most popular sport in the world. The game of football can be played indoors or outdoors, on a muddy field or a flat one. The rules for football are similar in every country where it is played: a minimum of fifteen minutes of play per game, a maximum of three tries for each team, and the winner receives the point.


The history of football can be traced back to the ancient games played by the Celts, who were famous for running around wearing helmets made from animal horns. This was a method of protecting the players from injuries, which would otherwise have brought the game to an abrupt halt. Ancient Greeks and Romans also played the game with their naked bodies, which they thought would give them strength and courage to conquer others. In fact, during the Middle Ages, football became a religious activity, with the followers of Christianity placing their bets on the game and praying to the goddesses for a successful outcome.

Today, football has developed immensely over the years. It has been made into movies, cartoons, and television programs, and has even become a national sport of some countries, like Australia. Professional football tournaments are regularly held, such as the World Cup, and this has helped the sport gain further popularity. Although it is not nearly as popular as basketball or baseball, football has enjoyed significant growth over the past twenty years. Today, football is the most popular sport in the world, outnumbering all of the other sports combined.

History Of Football Though there is no evidence to prove its first existence, most experts agree that football was played by men at least ten thousand years ago. Some evidence suggests that the game may have originated in Africa, although there is no solid proof that it existed before the middle ages. Ancient Greeks and Romans played football, as it was a popular sport for aristocratic people. The game gained popularity in Europe during the Roman Empire, when games were played either in public places or on private grass fields. During the fifteenth century, football became a popular sport for European aristocrats, who played the game in private residences, and it later spread to Europe, Australia, and America. The rules of football have remained relatively the same throughout the years; however, because of technological advancements, newer rules are constantly being introduced.

Rules Of football Different rules are applied according to where the game is being played. In the United States, rules of football differ from state to state, and even from country to country within a single region. Most of the time, a team must consist of eleven players, with two goalkeepers. Unlike basketball, soccer requires more physical activity than usual; therefore, players usually use carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and complex carbohydrates (e.g., rice, pasta, corn) to power them during play. Since carbohydrates have high sugar content, they are strictly disallowed in professional football.

Today, football players engage in many activities aside from playing the game, such as practice sessions, grooming, and counseling. For professional and aspiring football players, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important. Aside from eating the right types of foods, they should also take care of their health by engaging in regular exercise, going to the gym, and having a well-balanced diet. Football players are supposed to keep hydrated all the time, so they should take plenty of water or sports drinks. They should also consult their trainers with regards to their training, because they should be able to follow all training instructions properly.