How To Play Football: What Is The Formation?


How To Play Football: What Is The Formation?

Association football, also called football or simply football, is an inter-organised sport played by a spherical object between two contrasting teams of eleven players. It’s played by about 250 million people in more than 200 countries and Overseas, making it the most popular sport in the world. It’s also known as football because it was originally played in the streets, on fields and even on sand. The game has changed its name many times over the years but the underlying game rules have remained largely the same. So what’s so special about football?

Football is mainly played between two groups of players who use passing and kicking feet to move the ball around a field or court. The object is to score the most points and the team scoring the most goals wins. Each round of play is known as a period. The game is usually divided into two halves and the half with the least amount of play usually wins. It’s really simple – the objective of football is to get the ball through the goalkeeper’s goal and kick it into the opponents’ goal.

The game of football can be played with two halves, a regulation that was started when the World Cup was held in countries with a two-minute play time rule. Since the start of the twenty first century, international footballers often divide the playing time into ten, fifteen, and thirty minute halves. The play usually begins with ten minutes of stoppage time. This breaks down to five minutes of regular play followed by five minutes of rest before the restart. For the games with three quarters, the playing time is cut to ten minutes and restart with fifteen minutes of regular play followed by five minutes of rest.

The football fixture usually consists of eleven players, the goalkeeper, two outfield defenders, two forwards (attacking), two strikers (striving) and two goalkeepers. One forward is usually paired with one striker while a goalkeeper is paired with one goalkeeper. The rest of the eleven players are designated as ” midfielders”. These players perform the same role as the forwards and strikers but they don’t have the ability to hit the ball into the goal.

To play football, the football team must form a defensive shape. This defensive shape is made up of eleven men including the goalkeeper. The eleven players are surrounded by four defensive lines while the center forward occupies the left side of the field. The five other players form the right side of the defensive line. So, when a player kicks the ball, the entire defensive line follows suit and plays towards the goal. The opposing team must send an offensive player into the middle of this defensive line to send the ball into the goals.

Another way to play football is to use a running style. Running plays involve the football players moving toward the goal line before the ball is touched. The players run continuously until the entire team has reached the opposing team’s goal. Running plays are very advantageous to teams that have a good attacking player such as a striker or a goalkeeper because they do not need to defend the entire width of the field when their team mate scores a goal.