Dribbling a Basketball – How to Perform a Proper Dribble

Basketball is a sport where two teams, most usually of five players each against the other on a circular court, fight for the goal with the objective of knocking the ball off the other team’s hoop and into the basket. The game is played for three minutes at a time, five minutes per quarter, and sometimes for five minutes at a time. Each team consists of seven people on each team, although some games are played with only two teams. Most basketball games that I have seen have been played in an even round fashion, with each team getting one point for every point their team makes. There is no allowance made for overtime, but play-offs do occur.


This sport has gained popularity over the years, particularly because of the popularity of professional basketball. There are a lot of great things about basketball that make it a very enjoyable sport to play and watch. The first thing that people like about basketball is that you can play it just about anywhere, with any surface – indoor or outdoor. That was true in the older days when there were not as many basketball courts being built, but today the game of basketball is just as exciting if not more so than other sports like football and baseball.

Unlike football and baseball, basketball is played with two teams on each side of the court who attempt to knock the ball off of the other team’s basket. Usually the basketball court is divided by a free-throw line, which marks the beginning of the half and the end of the half. Unlike baseball and soccer ball where the ball can only be touched by one player at any one time, basketball requires that two players touch the ball during each half. Each team has three players on its roster who are usually called a rotation team, and then there are five on the bench who take turns playing.

A lot of people think that basketball is much harder than it really is. That is why it is very important for players to learn proper skills such as the fundamental dribbling techniques, shooting the basketball from the corner, earning the ball and feeding it to their teammates and so forth. Learning to dribble the basketball properly starts the minute the players walk onto the court. Every player has to learn how to dribble the basketball using their feet, legs, hand and the body in order to score points. As the players become more confident with their dribbling skills, the more comfortable they will become with handling the basketball and the better they will play.

Basketball is a great way to stay active and fit and is a great sport for all ages. As the sport of basketball gets more popular, more people are looking into learning the sport and signing up to play. So if you’re interested in joining a good team, taking a gym class and getting into shape, basketball may be a good sport for you to take up.

However, basketball is also a very tricky sport, because it is not just about scoring buckets with your legs. The sport of basketball can require you to think on your feet, to think of strategies to win a game and to know how to attack a defense. There are many ways to score baskets in basketball, but it is important for players to know where they should go to shoot a free throw. Dribbling a basketball is not the only way to make a shot, so other types of shots such as shooting off the glass, cutting to the hole or getting to the free throw line are necessary. With all these great tips, you should be able to get a lot of fun out of playing basketball.