A Complete List of Taylor Swift’s Most Popular Songs

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A Complete List of Taylor Swift’s Most Popular Songs

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest names in country and pop music. Born in West Reading, Pennsylvania, she moved to Hendersonville, Tennessee when she was thirteen. Her parents, through hard work, saved up to send her to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for two years. Once in college, she got a great start in her career with the critically acclaimed song “Happily Ever After” from her self-titled album. Since then, Swift has released several other well received songs that have become popular party songs.

Taylor Swift seems to have a penchant for writing positive songs about love and romance. In her latest album, Reputation, she tackles the topic of marriage and divorce, but she does not offer a solution or advice. Instead, she speaks from a common experience of being married and having children of her own to help those in her position. Swift also has an adorable line in the first verse of that song, “And now the days when I wish my husband back are all gone”, which describes her feelings about a cheating husband.

In the past few years, Taylor Swift has tackled topics of political importance, like the school shootings in Connecticut. She wrote songs about the tragedy, but she did not publicly blame the school system or the students for the tragic event. This past summer, she went on the Today Show to talk about gun control, and her thoughts about the Las Vegas shooting were quite different from her previous song lyrics. Swift said that she does not think the shooter was really “mentally ill”, but rather was acting on anger and frustration after a long day at work. Swift also admitted to having nightmares about her former split from Jake Simpson, and she said that she has been trying to sleep “since last night”. She admitted that she was still bitter about the breakup, but was not saying that she wants the same thing back again.

One of the most popular songs that Taylor Swift has ever written was titled Lose the Edge, and it came out while she was in the midst of the breakdown that occurred during the final months of 2021. In this song, Swift was talking about getting help from a professional before making any major decisions regarding her career. In the days leading up to the song’s release, Taylor Swift reportedly called her mom and dad to come to the studio to make sure that everything was okay. It seems as though she is still dealing with the breakup professionally, even if it means that she will not be spending much time performing anytime soon.

Swift has covered songs from both her albums and her latest, Fearless, in that she has made it clear that she is not afraid to cover topics that are considered somewhat controversial. On the Fearless album, she sang about meeting with her ex-boyfriend for dinner, and the ensuing dance was captured on video. Swift has since admitted that she was drunk when she filmed the video, but she has yet to make any comments regarding the controversial nature of the situation.

Other songs from Taylor Swift’s set of Fearless include: I’m a Believer, Blank Space, and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Of course, the only topic that really matters when it comes to discussing Taylor Swift and her music is that of her recent problems, which started when she decided to cancel her upcoming album. Although it is clear that the reasons why Swift canceled her album were related to her battle with depression, there have been speculations that other factors also may have played into her decision. Whatever the case, one thing is for certain: There is no debating that Taylor Swift is an incredibly talented songwriter and artist, and she definitely does have the ability to write some of the best music of her career.