What You Should Know About Basketball

Basketball is a competitive sport where two teams, usually of five players each against another on a flat rectangular room, battle it out on the court with the main objective of scoring a basket through the opponent’s hoop. This sport has evolved into one of the most popular and most watched games in the world today. There are various rules and regulations that govern the game and these were carefully studied by the International Basketball Association (IBA). The game is governed by the Fixtures Code of the IBA which consists of detailed provisions and guidelines on how to carry out the game. Basketball is played between two teams who are represented by five professional players. These players are designated as the “guards” and “backs”.


There are two types of basketball court surfaces that are used in the IBA. The first type of surface is the hard court surface, which is the most traditional style of basketball court and is made of concrete or hard packed marble. The second type is the semi-precious surface basketball court which is made of natural grasses, tiles or any other material that allows a court to be flat, smooth and visually appealing. Most sports facilities have a choice of both surfaces when it comes to choosing a court.

Basketball is played in a very controlled and strenuous environment. In order for basketball to be played to its highest potential, extreme practice is required. Every aspect of the game needs to be mastered to the very last degree, from the way a player passes the ball on the floor, to the proper form when shooting and every detail in between. A good attitude is essential to succeeding in this sport, and even the most seasoned players will admit that the competition in basketball is extremely intense. A lot of perseverance and focus is required.

Basketball is not only played on a court but there are also various ways to play the sport. Most teams begin their games by using a single style of play. This is usually referred to as a “shorthand” system, because the team writing their name on the court is how they play. Each team then becomes accustomed to their style of playing and as a result is able to play at a higher level than teams that have never practiced.

In the United States, basketball has become a very popular sport at almost every level of education. There is a national championship tournament currently being held in America. As is the case with all sports, the best individual shooters become the stars of the sport. Many colleges and universities sponsor basketball programs in an effort to produce better skilled athletes. The first game that every team begins with is usually referred to as the “regular” basketball game and is usually a non-conference game.

Two teams are chosen to play against each other in a standard basketball setting. The “guards” are given 5 points to shoot at the other team’s basket. The “backs” are not allowed to shoot the ball, but must be within close range of the basket and then attempt to make a pass to one of the two players who are listed as “scoring” players on the team. The “weights” are the players who are responsible for the basketball in possession of the team who is shooting the ball. When time limits are added to the game, usually two teams play a 4-on-5 game in a standard basketball court with only five players on each team.