What is Basketball?


Basketball is a game of skill and strategy. It requires you to use your peripheral vision to track the ball as it flies, rather than just watching it. This allows you to look for teammates and scoring opportunities without getting distracted by the ball. There are some rules to play basketball like not swiping the ball while dribbling.

The game is played on a basketball court, with a maximum of five players on each team. Each team has a set amount of time in which to make a shot. A successful shot will either go in the basket, hit the rim, or miss. In case of a missed shot, the shot clock starts over again. The teams are called offence and defence, and they compete to stop the other team from scoring. If the ball touches an out of bounds object or boundary line, it is out of bounds and turns over to the other team.

The International Basketball Federation has founded the International Basketball Foundation (IBF), which aims to promote the values of the game. It also aims to create inclusive programmes that involve local stakeholders and promote the development of the sport in a particular area. Its programs are implemented in partnership with FIBA member federations and local NGOs.

The front court of a basketball team consists of the power forward and the centre, who are responsible for creating space near the basket. The small forward is responsible for cutting to the basket and dribbling. The power forward is responsible for scoring in the paint and guarding the opposing power forward. The center, on the other hand, uses his size and height to defend and rebound.

The sport of basketball is one of the oldest and most popular. The game was invented by Dr James Naismith in 1891. He was working as a physical education teacher in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was looking for a game that would be fun and keep students from being bored. The peach baskets gave the sport its name.

The players must follow rules. They must dribble and stop before continuing. If a player double dribbles, he or she will be penalized and the opposing team will receive the ball. In addition, they are not allowed to carry the ball with their hands. The time limit is also strictly enforced.

The object of the game is to get the ball into the hoop. The game involves two teams, with each team having five players. The goal is to make a basket and stop the opposing team from scoring. The winner is the team with the highest number of points. The game is played in an arena where the players must be able to see the ball and communicate with each other.

A player may be penalized for fouling. It can be a technical foul or personal foul. Personal fouls are an attempt to unfairly disadvantage the opposing team. They are often committed by offensive players, but can also be committed by defensive players. A player can be penalized for arguing with the referee. A player who commits a personal foul may be sent off from the game. If a player gets five fouls in a game, he or she cannot continue to play. If a player has six fouls, he or she is fouled out.