Types of Love


Types of Love

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While there are many types of love, there are some common patterns among them. First, the most common type is romantic love, which is defined by sexual attraction. In the case of romance, lovers are often described as being romantically attracted to each other. For example, the Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet loved each other. Today, many people love their best friends, boyfriends, and daughters. While these examples of passionate relationships are the most extreme forms of love, it is still possible to feel a deep affection for someone or something less intensely.

Another type of love is familial or familiarity love. A family member, friend, or spouse are all examples of storge love. A spouse, child, or friend can be described as a storge. This kind of love is widely diffused and based on dependency. In this type of relationship, the partner is likely to be a parent or other caregiver. When it comes to a relationship, a storge lover is not as emotionally committed and is more likely to end in divorce.

The next type of love is erotic. The goal of this kind of relationship is to engage in sex, engage in sexual activity, and have physical contact. The focus is on the physical attraction of a partner. Unlike storge love, erotic lovers are unlikely to make a commitment, and are comfortable with the idea of ending a relationship early. The third type is storge love. It is a more mature form of love. It emphasizes common interests, open affection, and less on the physical attractiveness of a person. Typically, storge lovers are very trusting, and don’t need much from others.

Although there are many types of love, the two most common is erotic love. This type is characterized by physical attraction and intense intimacy. Intimate relationships with erotic lovers are often short-lived, and are often characterized by emotional distance. Intimacy with a storge advocate is unlikely to last long, and they are likely to end their relationship. A storge lover, on the other hand, would likely feel uncomfortable with the idea of commitment and is not in the habit of committing to a relationship.

Storge love is a type of romantic relationship that centers on familiarity. It is an intimate bond between two people, which involves intense physical intimacy. It is commonly found in parents and children. This type of relationship has strong sexuality and is considered to be a stable one. Its advocates would never have a desire to marry or have children. However, it is not uncommon for a partner to fall in love with another man. Likewise, storge love is an expression of mutual admiration for an object.