The Different Types of Loves

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There are many types of loves. The most common are philia and storge. These are the two types of love, and are characterized by strong bonds and impersonal attraction. Lewis distinguishes between these two kinds of love, describing friendship as the least organic, biological, or natural of all. Both of these forms are considered higher levels of love, as long as they are based on some common principle. In other words, we are bound to love someone or something in a certain way, no matter how distant it is from us.

Other types of loves involve the creation of a strong bond. Among these are friendship and storge. These are the most intimate, and gregarious types of love. The latter are most commonly experienced by couples and are the most commonly accepted. While some people are purely romantic, friendship and storge are the least philia-based and widely disseminated types. They are often described as the lowest forms of love.

A storge type of love is similar to a storge type, but it focuses on an object rather than a person. A storge lover is motivated by a particular desire to feel loved by another person. The opposite is true for storge lovers, but it doesn’t mean that they are not genuine and real. Both types of loves are important, but some are more powerful than others. In either case, it’s important to have an understanding of the types of love you have.

The term storge refers to a type of love between two people. This is a deep emotional bond between two people, and it can be expressed through a mutual affection for a friend. As a result, this type of love is often referred to as a storge. This type of relationship is based on familiarity, and is considered to be a storge. In other words, it’s a relationship that is born from a chance encounter.

Storge love is a type of love that can occur between two people. A friend, a family member, or a pet are examples of storge love. A close friend is a friend who shares a common interest with you. A relationship with a stranger can lead to the formation of a storge. Similarly, a parent and a child share a parent. It’s a mutual, deep bond.