The Basics of Football


Football is a sport played in which teams of players attempt to advance a ball through the opponents’ end zone. The object is to score a touchdown, which is worth six points. There are several ways to achieve this goal. Among them are kicking the ball through a goal post, running into the end zone, or kicking the ball over a crossbar.

Football is a timed sport that counts the time between plays. Each team is allowed a set amount of time between plays to regain possession and make further advances. If the ball is lost, it is known as a turnover. A fumble is a fumbled ball that is recovered by the defensive team and returned to its original line of scrimmage. It is also possible for a player to catch a fumbled ball and continue to run with the ball until he is tackled.

Before any play begins, the offensive and defensive lines must line up on their respective sides. Linebackers, defenders, and defensive backs will work together to stop the other team’s offense from advancing the ball. Tight ends will work on the outside of the offensive line to create space for the running backs. They are also used to cover the receivers on the offense.

A team carries 45 to 50 players on its field. Each team has a playbook of dozens or hundreds of plays. Most teams have a quarterback and an offensive centre. However, each team can have other positions. For example, a tight end can be a wide receiver or a running back. Often, the offensive centre will pass the ball to a teammate between his legs.

Offenses try to gain as many yards as possible by rushing, throwing, or running the ball. When an offensive player fumbles the ball out of the end zone, it is known as a safety. Safety is worth two points.

Turnover on downs is a rule that states that if an offense fails to advance the ball by 10 yards after four plays, it loses the possession of the ball. This is often referred to as a change of possession. On occasion, the offense will attempt a touchdown conversion to score an extra point. Attempting a touchdown conversion requires the offense to advance the ball to the opponent’s 3-yard line. In the NFL, the offense will try to kick the ball through the opponents’ goal posts.

Another rule that affects the outcome of a game is called the delay of game. When a team commits a foul and a yellow flag is thrown, the officials blow a whistle to alert the other players that the play has been halted. Some fouls include holding, illegal block in the back, and blocking a forward pass. Other fouls involve illegal contact with the opponent, which is known as pass interference.

To help keep the ball from leaving the field, a down marker is placed at the line of scrimmage. When a down is called, the offensive and defensive teams get a chance to advance the ball.