The Basics of Football


Known as “the game of the world”, football is a sport played with a circular ball. Players attempt to push the ball toward the opposing team’s goal. A touchdown is scored when the ball crosses the goal line. The team that scores more goals usually wins the game.

Players must wear protective gear and the right boots for the game. Football is played with a minimum of seven players. The number of players on each team varies depending on the style of play. The most important player on the field is the quarterback. He lines up directly behind the center and runs the offense. Players can switch positions at any time.

The game is played in two periods of 45 minutes each. The first period of play begins with a kickoff. The kickoff can be a field goal or a penalty kick. A goal kick is when a player kicks the ball through a goal post. If a ball is kicked out of play, a throw-in is awarded to the opposing team. The team that receives the throw-in can run back the ball as far as possible.

The game is played in accordance with a set of rules known as the Laws of the Game. These laws are designed to apply to all levels of football. However, they may be modified for certain groups.

Each team is given four “downs” (or chances to get 10 yards) during a game. On each down, the team with the ball must get ten yards. If a team fails to get the ball before the end of its down, it is awarded a penalty. This penalty can result in negative yards for the offense.

The penalty is designed to ensure that no player gains an advantage. If a player’s team reaches the opponent’s penalty area, they are awarded a penalty kick. The penalty kick is taken from 12 yards away from the goal. If the penalty kick is successful, the offense gains a point. If the penalty kick is unsuccessful, the offense loses a yard.

The game is governed by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), a global association of more than 200 nations. All agents and clubs must be licensed by FIFA. The governing body oversees the FIFA World Cup, one of the world’s most popular international football tournaments. The competition is held every four years. In 2010, the World Cup was watched by 26 billion people worldwide. The World Cup finals were also viewed by twice the number of people who attended the Summer Olympics.

In addition to being the most popular sports in the world, football is also the most watched sport on television. The most recent survey by FIFA found that more than 240 million people play football in 200 countries.

During the early 20th century, football spread across Europe. The first major amendment to the game’s rules came in 1925 when the offside rule was revised. Originally, an attacking player in the opponent’s half of the field was considered offside if fewer than three opposing players were between him and the goal. This rule change led to a more aggressive game and helped increase goals. In addition, new defensive tactics emerged in response to the rule change.