The Basics of Basketball


Originally developed in the United States, basketball is a spherical ball played by two teams of five players on an enclosed court. The team that scores the most points wins the game. A player can score by shooting a basketball through the hoop, stealing the ball from the opposing dribbler, blocking shots, or intercepting passes. The rules of the game are designed to encourage more offense.

A game of basketball consists of four quarters, each of ten minutes. There is a two-minute interval between the first and second periods. There are also a limited number of time-outs. If a player has to take a time-out, they can request it from their coach. In the NBA, time-outs may last as long as 100 seconds. If a player commits a foul during a shot, they will receive a free inbound pass from the other team.

There are five playing positions on a basketball team: small forward, power forward, center, shooting guard, and point guard. The tallest player is usually the center. The small forward is usually responsible for cutting to the basket and seeking rebounds on defense.

There are three types of passes that a player can make: a chest pass, a bounce pass, and a behind-back pass. A bounce pass is harder to intercept than a chest pass. A bounce pass is also slower. Most players use a bounce pass in crowded situations to move the ball around the court.

A personal foul is a violation that occurs when a player challenges another player unfairly. A player may receive a technical foul for arguing with the referee. If a player commits six fouls during the game, they will be deemed to be fouled out of the game.

When a player is dribbling, they should keep their arms straight and their hands above the ball. If they are dribbling with their hands under the ball, they have committed a carry violation.

A dribble is a type of motion that a player performs while running. A skilled basketball player can dribble without watching the ball. A skilled player can also use their peripheral vision to determine the location of the ball. They can then look for teammates or scoring opportunities.

In addition to dribbling, basketball players can shoot the ball from various angles. The shot can be an air ball, which hits only the backboard, a brick, which hits the rim but does not go into the backboard, or a slam dunk, which hits the backboard and the rim at the same time. In order to get a shot, a player must be in mid-air and jump.

A team can play two-on-two or three-on-three. A team may also play one-on-one. The rules limit the amount of time a player can spend in each of the five playing positions. Each player can dribble, shoot, and pass the ball. A team may play a four-point play, which is a basket made after a foul.

The game is played on a rectangular indoor court. The goal is located in the center of the court. The player who reaches the goal first is the winner.