The Art of Dribbling a Basketball

Basketball is one of the oldest sports that have been around for centuries. Basketball is basically a team sport where two teams, usually of at least five people each, against one another on a flat rectangular floor, compete for the primary goal of shooting a basketball off the court through the hoop of the defending team. There are usually two referees, who call the shots, with the refs’ calls being compared to the scoreboards at the games. However, basketball is much more than just competition, and it is also much more than a game; it is also a way of life.


The sport of basketball can take place in a wide variety of settings, including backyards, courts, gymnasiums, parks, and even on the street. Usually the basketball arena or court is constructed inside of a closed environment such as a school, and there is usually a regulation size hoop called a basketball hoop where players take turns jumping up to shoot hoops. However, basketball is also played in many different styles, and the rules for playing basketball may differ from one type of basketball arena or court to another.

In most basketball games the object is for the team playing in the game to make the ball bounce between the rim of the court and the center, or top, of the basket, and from there, to put the ball into the basket. The game of basketball is much more than just making the ball bounce, though. It takes a lot of strategy, practice, and mental focus to win a game of basketball. Also, basketball is more than just using your legs; besides your legs having the power to propel the ball in any direction, your arms are also needed. So if you are playing basketball, try to think like an athlete.

As mentioned earlier, the basketball is played on a court or an arena, which is usually divided into five players on each end of the mid-court line. The five players on either ends of the mid-court line are known as the foul line. Mid-court line points to the foul line. Usually three points are given for every basket made by the five players on the mid-court line, or five points for every turnover by the five players on the half court line.

Basketball also involves ball handling skills, or passing. A good player should be able to dribble the ball smoothly and make the basket. Dribbling refers to the art of controlling the ball so that it finds its way over the rim and down the court. Good ball handlers and scorers learn how to dribble the basketball. In basketball you have to know which ways to dribble the ball correctly, and when.

When you dribble a basketball, always go straight to the basket and finish up toward the free throw line. When you dribble to the basket, do not change your mind about where you want the ball to go. For instance, if you are on the wing and you see that the other team is having trouble with their defense, change your mind and take the ball over to the free throw line. The best players develop great anticipation skills and this is what allows them to execute the perfect moves and score perfectly.