Taylor Swift, Rapper Songstress

taylor swift

Taylor Swift, Rapper Songstress

Taylor Swift is an American pop star known for her hits like “Bad Habit”, “icleage”, and “Shake Your Poker Face”. For her first album, see Taylor Swift ( Album). Currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, Swift signed to Sony/ATV Tree Publishing at the start of 2021 to be a country girl and with Big Machine Records at the end of 2021 to be a pop star. She has had several singles come out from her album including: Speak Now, Blank Pages, I’m a Man, Wildflowers, Look Who’s Coming to My Door, Shake Your Poker Face, Rid of That Boy, and Blank Space.

Taylor Swift also has a film, titled Wild, released in June 2021. The movie follows Swift as she battles bulimia herself. The movie went on to be number one in the United States and was made into a Broadway play, and later to be made into a Hollywood movie. Swift has appeared in a few videos for songs on the album including Blank Space and I’m a Man. She has appeared in various other television shows and movies including: Bridesmaids, Scrubs, Obama’s Girl, and Kitchen Nightmares.

Taylor Swift was listed as the number one artist on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame list for the 2021 year. Her music was voted by listeners and experts in several categories including Best Rock Song, Best Male R&B Song, and Best Female Single. Swift received her record breaking song for “The Closer” from Speak Now. Swift wrote and sang the song with Timbaland and Juicy J.

Swift’s rise to fame came quickly. She was 18 years old when she was cast in the small TV pilot called Saved by a Bear. She was quickly cast into various other television shows, films, and video games. Swift was in a popular music video for the song Shake It Off.

Swift is very open about her personal life and her successes. She has said that the constant criticism has been good for her. She has admitted that some of the songs on her record are not exactly what she was hoping for them to be. However, she enjoys the fact that many of her fans continue to buy her albums and show their support. Swift has even said that she would like to write all of her own songs now that she has reached a certain level of fame.

Taylor Swift is an amazing young talent who is enjoying unprecedented fame. Her concerts draw a huge audience each time she is there. Her fan base has grown exponentially since she began going solo. Swift has been quoted as saying that she will never slow down or lose her popularity. Her determination to keep making music and meeting her fans is inspiring others to follow in her footsteps.