Taylor Swift – A Global Ambassador for Artists’ Rights and Women’s Empowerment

With a career that spans two decades, Taylor Swift has done more than just sell millions of records. She’s also an ally and champion for artists’ rights. In addition to her many humanitarian projects, she has publicly called out President Trump for his racism. In short, she is an authentic and compassionate artist, a devoted friend, and a fierce protector of the human spirit. Her unwavering self-confidence and honesty have made her a global ambassador of just being herself.

In addition to her Italian ancestry, Taylor Swift also has Irish, Scottish, and German ancestry. While it may not sound like a lot, the singer considers 13 to be lucky, as her mother and grandmother were both born on Friday the thirteenth. And, her first #1 hit, “Baby,” was a song with a 13-second intro. That’s a good sign, right?

Swift is a multi-Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter. She was the youngest female artist to win an Album of the Year Grammy three times. She was also named Billboard Woman of the Year in 2011. Despite her remarkable success, she remains down-to-earth and shares advice for pursuing your dreams. Moreover, at the age of twenty, she won a Grammy Award for “Baby” and “Reputation,” and has since been nominated for eight Grammy Awards, including the best country album and best female artist.

Taylor Swift’s re-recorded version of “This Love” featured some artistic tweaks. In the re-recorded version, the intro was changed to evoke an indie genre vibe, while Swift’s voice is less processed. But the lyrics remain the same. While Taylor Swift didn’t mention her fans by name, she dropped hints in the liner notes. She began her career playing country music, a genre where even the most popular stars treat fans like friends.

She has earned numerous awards, including the Artist of the Decade award from the American Music Awards. Moreover, she is the only female artist to sell six albums of at least 500,000 copies in a single week. In addition to her numerous accolades, Swift has also become an advocate for artists’ rights and women’s empowerment in the music industry. In the process, she’s also a pop icon. And that’s not all: Swift has created a cult following around her talent.

After her re-recorded “Red” in 2012, she took part in a highly publicized civil trial in August 2017. Mueller, a former radio host, sued Swift countersued. She maintained that she was assaulted, but she was removed from the suit and the other defendants. The jury found in her favor and Swift’s record “Speak Now” has become the most popular American LP of 2017.