How to Play Basketball in the Philippines


In basketball, players on the offense and defense must follow specific rules. First, they must not foul each other. Fouls are defined as physical contact that gives the opposing team an unfair advantage. In the NBA, a player is disqualified for six fouls; in college basketball, a player is allowed up to five fouls per game. In addition, a player must not remain on the court longer than three seconds without shooting.

In basketball, fouls are often overstated, but the rules are simple. When a player is fouled, they earn a free throw, which they must make without defense. These free throws are worth one point. The basket is also marked with paint, which is a shaded rectangle that runs from the endline to the free throw line. In addition, there are certain defensive plays that can be made to protect the ball. Screens, which position a player in front of the opposing player, are often used to protect the basket.

Basketball players also need to learn to rebound the basketball. This is one of the most overlooked skills in basketball, yet an essential part of the game. Many shots miss the hoop, and the rebound is a valuable asset. Often, the ball will bounce in unexpected directions, such as straight up in the air. This means that the player must be able to out-jump opponents. Practice a lot of different rebound-getting moves.

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the Philippines. The sport is played both indoors and outdoors. Historically, women were not allowed to participate in basketball competitions, but this has changed in recent years. The women’s version of basketball, which is slightly modified, was introduced in 1895 by Clara Baer. Today, FIBA is the international governing body of the sport. It regulates the rules of the game, appoints referees, and holds the world cup every four years.

A basketball game begins with a referee throwing the ball high into the air. Then, one player from each team vies for possession of the ball. This team is called the offensive team, while the opposing team is known as the defensive team. The offensive team is the team that tries to get the ball through the opponent’s hoop and score a field goal. The players on the offensive team use passing and dribbling techniques to move the ball around the court.

The sport has a worldwide following, with tournaments held for all age levels. Basketball is played on baskets in most public gyms and parks. In the mid-90s, top international players began entering the NBA. Examples include Serbian Vlade Divac, the Dutchman Rik Smits, and German Detlef Schrempf.

Before you start playing basketball, consult your physician. The sport puts a lot of stress on the body and can lead to injuries. For this reason, it is essential to stretch the muscles and limbs before participating. And keep your body hydrated throughout the game.