How Popular is Taylor Swift?

taylor swift

If you’re like us, you love Taylor Swift. You probably watch her on CSI, or you’ve purchased her latest albums and now you’re listening to the best-selling single “Red.” But did you know she also appears in movies and TV shows? In fact, she has even appeared in The Lorax and the Giver. In fact, she’s getting ready to star in an upcoming project by David O. Russell. And although she got $3 million for her role in Cats, she’s only just beginning to make her presence felt in Hollywood.

Swift has earned numerous awards, including the Artist of the Decade award, and is the only female to have six albums sell at least half a million copies in a single week. She has also received Emmy Awards and Brit Awards for her music. And her popularity is still growing. With more than 200 million albums sold worldwide, Taylor Swift is becoming one of the most popular artists of all time. Those awards are no joke.

In 2005, she signed with Big Machine Records. She was only fifteen when she first signed with the label. Soon after, she released her debut album, “Red.” The songs on the album were written entirely by Swift, and she is entitled to royalties for every song played. In fact, she’s the youngest winner of the CMA Entertainer of the Year award. However, she also has Italian ancestry.

After the success of Red, Taylor Swift began rerecording her early material. She hoped to regain control of her material. She made several changes to the intro of “Red,” giving it more of an indie-genre sound. But the lyrics remained the same. While Swift’s voice had changed considerably, the song itself is still a solid, acoustic track. In the meantime, it is one of her best selling albums.

In addition to her hit “Red”, Taylor Swift has also appeared on television and in movies. Her debut in a feature film, Valentine’s Day, came two years later. In 2011, she became a spokesperson for CoverGirl cosmetics. Although Taylor Swift avoided talking about her personal life in interviews, her third studio album, Speak Now, featured references to her relationships with John Mayer and Joe Jonas. She was even spotted kissing the actor Taylor Lautner in a video for the song “It’s Your Turn”; a short film starring the singer. Swift reclaimed the CMA entertainer of the year award in 2011 and won a Grammy for “Mean.”

In December, Swift teased fans with clues about her new album. One of the biggest clues was Swift’s recent Tweet. Swift’s “22” video, which was titled “Red (Taylor’s Version), featured the Empire State Building and was posted by her TikTok account. The song was posted alongside a picture of a Starbucks coffee shop. And one fan’s account with inside knowledge of Swift also posted a boomerang of the singer drinking a Starbucks.