How Much Does Taylor Swift Make?

taylor swift

If you’re looking for a new song to listen to, Taylor Swift may be the girl for you. She’s one of the most successful musicians of all time, with over 200 million albums sold worldwide. Her songs have topped the Billboard Hot 100 eight times, and her concert tours are among the most lucrative in history. Swift has won 11 Grammy Awards, three Album of the Year awards, 34 American Music Awards, and 29 Billboard Music Award nominations, and she’s set 58 Guinness World Records. She is only 31, and her sales will likely continue to rise.

Her music career is divided into two eras, one during which she signed a deal with Big Machine Records, and the other during which she left the label to have more control over her work. After leaving Big Machine Records, Swift signed a deal with Republic Records, which grants her full creative control over her work and allows her to make more money. Recent releases feature simply Taylor Swift’s name, allowing her to earn royalties from each song that is played.

Swift is now approaching the $1 billion mark in ticket sales, and she is still touring. Though she’s been forced to cancel her Lover Fest dates because of lockdown restrictions for 2020, Swift has still managed to earn over $1 million per show. With her new album releases and upcoming singles, Swift will continue to make money for years to come. While she’s unlikely to hit that threshold anytime soon, she’s already on the road to make millions of dollars.

The singer has also collaborated with many brands in her career. In the past 15 years, Swift has worked with American Greetings, AT&T, Capital One, Activision, Covergirl, DirecTV, Fujifilm, Glu Mobile, and Sony. She has also worked with Toyota and American Greetings. You can find many more collaborations with Taylor Swift. She is a true pop icon. There are no limits to her creativity.

While her merch sales aren’t publicly disclosed, they’re likely in the millions of dollars range. Swift keeps all profits from these deals and may have made a lot of money from them. However, she’s still required to share royalties with music artists. The money Swift makes through brand deals may be a bit more than you’d think. In addition to these deals, Swift has worked with a variety of brands to promote her music.