Erotic and Storge Loves


Erotic and Storge Loves

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Erotic love is characterized by an emphasis on physical attraction, intense intimacy, and game-playing. People who practice erotic love often do not commit to a relationship and are willing to end it without explanation. On the other hand, storge love is generally considered a more mature form of affection and place less emphasis on physical appearance. It is defined by mutual respect and trust, and it does not depend on others. Here are some common examples of erotic and storge loves.

As the name implies, storge love is a type of emotional attachment. It is based on familiarity, familial bonding, or chance encounters. It is also a kind of universal and dependency-based love. It is characterized by a lack of self-consciousness and an erotically charged atmosphere. When these characteristics are present in a relationship, storge love can lead to a deeper, more satisfying connection.

Storge love is an atypical form of romantic love. It involves a deep and personal affection. The focus is on sex, intense intimacy, and physical attraction. Moreover, the advocates of erotic love rarely commit, and feel free to break up their relationships. On the other hand, storge lovers are generally more mature and tolerant and feel no emotional dependence. These two types of romantic relationships are the most common and enduring of all.

Erotic love is based on physical attraction and intense intimacy. Unlike storge, erotic love does not require long-term commitment and tends to be highly asexual. It is common to see erotic lovers as insecure. They may feel comfortable ending their relationship with a man who lacks erotic qualities. The opposite of erotic love is storge-love, which focuses on a shared passion.

In the same way, storge love is a common type of love that focuses on physical attraction. It involves deep physical intimacy and frequent sex. While erotic lovers are likely to commit to a partner, they are not likely to commit and feel comfortable breaking up. Likewise, storge lovers are more mature and focus on similar interests. Unlike erotic lovers, storge advocates do not feel compelled to stay in relationships that involve sexual activity.

The word philia means “a brother.” It is a relationship between two brothers that does not include sexual attraction. In the Bible, philia is a love between people that shares a common goal. A father-son relationship is called a brotherly love. If you have a mother-son relationship, it is a sisterly love. The latter is called a habah. However, this love is not necessarily asexual.